The People of Amasheer


There are three peoples that make up the population of Amasheer. The majority of the people are light skinned, with varying shape of the eye and skin tones. The rest are either black skinned Orcericians or Maju-Orcericians.

Using the impressive cyber technologies developed over the centuries, there are some amongst the light skinned peoples who have become cyborgs. These people have added mechanical aspects to themselves, sometimes to augment, sometimes to replace damaged parts, and sometimes simply because they could. Cybernetic parts and implants include arms with weapons or computer inputs and outputs, legs, and eye pieces grafted right to the body.

Orcericians, Maju-Orcericians

Orcerician is not actually a racial trait. Orcerians are born of light skinned parents as light skinned individuals are born of Orcerians. Orcerican is the term for the black skinned, marked as having a deep relationship with the natural elements, some extra-sensory abilities like empathy and telepathy, and the capability to study that connection and becoming Maju.

The Maju-Orcericians have studied the inherent connection they were born with to the elements. They have developed the ability to use ‘sorcery’ to control the elements, direct universal energy for healing purposes, and have more control over their telepathic and extra-sensory abilities. Maju-Orcericians have either streaks of white through their naturally dark hair, or else shock white hair. Those who have mastered their studies lose their hair entirely, revealing an intricate, inimitable tattoo of silver embedded into their scalp. It is that tattoo that turns their hair shockingly white.

Orcericians who do not practice their gift have purely black hair. Those who practice with intention have white streaks in their hair, as the silver tattoo that would cover their entire skill begins to form. Those who study and practice regularly develop shock white hair, as the silver tattoo grows, and become acolytes. They become emissaries when they lose all their hair, revealing the full, intricate silver tattoo, and proving they have fully given themselves to the energies.

No Orcerician who performs a latent or random act of magic will develop white streaks in their hair. Unintentional use of power does not draw on the energies. This will only happen with fully intentional acts on their part. Each time an Orcerician performs an act of sorcery, a silver tattoo starts to form on their skill, a marking of their calling on the elements and connecting with them to do magic. All those black skinned are considered Orcericians, though only acolytes, emissaries and adepts truly perform acts of magic. It is believed that the blackened skin is a mark from the powers-that-be, showing the capability of those born as such. Black skinned children have been born to white skinned parents, and vice versa.

The powers that the Orcericians wield is limited to taking control over the natural elements. They are gifted with a heightened sensitivity to the energies of all living things, and even those who do not use sorcery are latent telepaths. Telepathic abilities may include mind to mind communication, empathy for emotions and intention, and possibly the reading of auras. No known instances of telekinesis. Orcericians can call heavy rain and lightning from a storm cloud, they can increase the power of winds, move clouds around the sky, control the intensity of fire, and raise earth.

In general, if it involves manipulation of the natural elements, the Orcericians can do it. They can’t effect gravity or conjure illusions or anything like that – they can only work within the natural elements of the world. The only exception is that they can do some energy manipulation – they can take universal energy and channel it for healing purposes – but NOT to do harm. Attempts to use energies to do harm will simply fail, though it is possible they could backfire in some way.