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These will get you to various links for people and places I am associated with. Some are my own webpages.

To contact me, please send an e mail


My Writing site - MJBlehart.com

This is the website for my general writing. Samples of novellas, poetry, photography and such can be found here.


The Ramblings of a Titanium Don

This is my blog. I write a weekly article about Pathwalking since 2012 began, and topical rants from time to time as well. Check it out and see what I am rambling about this week.


The Source Chronicles

This is the website for the 5 book series I have been working on since 1998. Book 1, Seeker, is completed and edited, books 2 and 3 (Finder and Harbinger) are complete, I am in the middle of book 4 (Guardians). For now, the site holds maps and the first 6 chapters of Seeker.


Off the Compass Solutions

My business. I am offering affordable, creative written materials, such as press releases, advertisements, blog entries and all other copy for the office, small business, or the entrepreneur.



Patch.com is a website featuring business listings and hyper-local news.
I have worked as a writer/photographer for a number of Patches in Northern New Jersey.


The East Kingdom of the SCA

I have been participating in the Society for Creative Anachronism for more than 20 years, now.
I have made a TON of friends all around the world this way. This is the 'Kingdom' in which I reside.