History of Amasheer

History is split along the lines of BC (Below the Clouds) and AC (Above the Clouds). The year is currently reckoned to be 838AC, but no one is entirely certain if that is completely accurate.

The history of Amasheer BC is mostly lost, now. There are books and manuals and hints of forgotten technologies. Some of the cities and cultures therein have records of their place below the clouds, but the overall history is lost.

What they do know is that there was a war. No one remembers why there was a war, who the war was between, what the war was over…they only know that there was war. As a result of that war, a chemical or biological agent was released into the air. The Maju-Orcericians created the perpetual cloud layer in order to contain it.

No one is entirely sure how the air was poisoned, if it was an accident or some kind of weapon or a combination therein, or who might have been responsible. The Maju-Orcericians, some believe, know the truth but refuse to reveal it, to keep the tensions from ever bursting again.

The oldest floating cities were constructed just off of the cities off the peak, immediately following the exodus from below the clouds. No one remembers for certain of they were constructed just before the exodus and occupied upon it, or if it was the other way around. But there are only two cities of the original that are still occupied. The rest were built over time, but a new city has not been built for six hundred years now. However, existing cities are expanded – new platforms built, expansions off the sides and other levels. Whole sections of some cities are underused or abandoned from earlier periods.

The spire cities have populations in the tens of millions, while the largest floating cities have populations no more than two million. On average, cities range from tens of thousands to just under a million. World population is estimated by the Orcericians at about a billion. It is believed that BC, the world population may have been two or three billion – but the war and the poisoning of the world wiped out over eighty percent of the population. Over the last eight centuries, the growth has been steady but not explosive. Some cities do restrict child births from two to four per couple.

There are fifteen cities built around mountain tops and spires, the smallest is the furthest northern city on the planet, the largest is just below the equator, and additionally has a massive floating extension anchored to it. All fifteen of these cities have massive industrial complexes, but still run off solar and steam, and capture the gasses they create in the fires of their forges and foundries to be used in the airships and floating cities for fuel around the globe.

Floating refineries circle the volcanic peaks found for the most part in the far north and far south of Amasheer. They capture and process the inert gasses used to float their cities and airships, and transport them for storage in depots in almost every city around the world. The balloons that are employed by the various cities and airships of the world are such that they don’t experience much depletion of the gas, and remain floating for decades without need for refueling.