The Cities of Amasheer


With the exception of certain peaks that rise above the ever-present cloud, where cities or mining colonies have been built, the cities of Amasheer are floating cities. The amazing feats of engineering range in size from five miles across to nearly one hundred miles in diameter, averaging about twenty miles.

Major city names begin with the prefix ‘Cy’, medium sized cities have a prefix of ‘Ot’, and the smallest floating cities begin with ‘Vi’. Cities that are not floating begin with the prefix ‘Al’. Examples include Cy-Ketter, Ot-Daven, Vi-Charn, and Al-Isling. Many cities are named for cities from below the clouds that are long forgotten apart from their names, or for some historical figure from history.

Each city has similar elements; siphons for the water vapor from the clouds, immense balloon sacs filled with inert gasses to hold them aloft, water filtration and reclamation systems, redundant steam-powered engines to adjust balancing fans and air vents to help keep them afloat, docking ports for zeppelins and airships, solar panels and wind turbines to capture energy, immense battery systems to store it, hydroponic gardens and farmlands, and at least one space with trees and grass maintained with loving care by the city hierarchy, to remember the world BC.

Most of the cities have a government of either democratically elected officials, or some form of council of elders composed of men and women of a certain age selected from the populace. There are one or two cities that are ruled by an oligarchy unbeknownst to most, often controlled by the merchants and businesses of the city. There are no kings and queens, but there are some who claim nobility from BC, many of whom wield immense power and influence in some of the cities, or live in floating fortresses greater in size than any other airship, but far smaller than a city.

Some of the cities are dominated by a specific religious group or racial trait. Most of the people of Amasheer are either white-skinned variations, or black-skinned Orcericians. Most so-called ‘racial’ identity is the remains of former nationalistic identities lost from the days below the clouds, though some people have variations of slant to their eyes, they are not identified as a different race. There are several religions in the world, and all but two have their own city they dominate. They range from monotheistic to polytheistic to nature worshippers to cloud worshippers to Orcerician worshippers and all kinds of variations in between.

Most people believe in the unseen and have faith in the ‘energies’, though the followers of the religions are in fact the overall minority.

There is no capital city on Amasheer, though some of the cities would claim they are a regional or district capital, despite no actual such position.

Tech of the Cities

The majority of the floating cities are near to the equator, where the weather is most temperate. Since the creation of the cloud, the world maintains a general average temperature ranging from about 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The uniform altitude of the clouds has created a unique atmospheric condition that helps keep the temperatures moderate. Sometimes air currents do drop the temperatures below and above the averages, though more noticeably as you get north and south of the equator.

The cities remain ‘anchored’ to a specific point, using maneuvering fans and vent systems to hold their place within a few feet. They do drift, of course, but usually remain within a few hundred meters of the same place. This allows for an accuracy of maps of the world, though on occasion one of the forgotten floating cities is discovered. Most of these were released from their anchors, and simply float along, the playthings of the air currents of Amasheer.

Within the cities themselves, the people get around via maglev trains, rickshaws, bicycles, and steam powered busses. There are people movers around most of the cities as well. Some of the older cities have steam trains running across the city, and some use transport balloons and steam ‘copters to fly from one end of the city to the other.

The cities have processing plants that scoop the clouds, and convert the water vapor to steam or even potable water. Rain waters are captured, and all water in the cities is recycled, processed and cleaned.

Cities of Note


The Maju-Orcericians have a city where they study and train, where the acolytes will spend time in study, and where outsiders are largely unwelcome. Non-Orcericians who are not already workers in the city are often treated with utter indifference, and are discouraged from spending time in the city. It is not easy to find, as it is the only city that moves around the world, and does not remain ‘anchored’ in one place.

The Maju-Orcerician’s city is the central education center for all the practitioners on Amasheer. They formalize guidelines for instruction and education, and oversee the guilds. They keep the best records of the world overall, and maintain a great many secrets – which is why their city is not anchored to any one place. They have control over the majority of the acolytes and emissaries. Adepts are rarely seen other than in the roaming city.